Source documents and information required:

  1. Accounting Software used- Back up file.
  2. Chart of Accounts, if not created we will create.
  3. Daily Finance reports showing Income and Expenses account.
  4. Read Access to Bank statements, Credit Card statements.
  5. Invoices/bills if any.
  6. Check register, copy of cancelled checks, check stubs.
  7. Scanned copy of Deposit Slips.
  8. Cash accounting VS accruals accounting.
  9. Opening and closing balances.
  •  Comprehensive reports in balance with your bank statement.
  •  Flexible reconciliation periods.
  •  Reconciliation reports in electronic files or paper.
  •  Full Reconcilement.
  •  Partial Reconcilement.
  •  Deposit Reconcilement.
  •  Check Sequencing.
  •  Paid checks matched against the issued check list.
  •  Client-specific formats accepted for input data.
Accounts Payable

Scanned copy of Vendor Invoices. Expense Category details. In case of new vendor we will need Vendor Particulars like Name, Address, Credit Terms, Bank Account Details in case of online payment.

Accounts Receivable

Scanned copy sales Invoice. In case of new Customer we will need Customer Particulars like Name, Address, Credit Terms
Details of Checks/Deposits received
Details of credit memos and refund checks


We will need for Each Employee

  • Employee Time Sheets showing Pay Rate and hours worked, Details of Gross Pay,
  • Name of the State
  • Leave Details
  • Pay Frequency
  • Federal Filing Status
  • Additional Federal/State Withholding
  • Voluntary Deduction
Additional Withholding Instructions

If Employee have additional withholding dollars taken from each check beyond regular W-4 specifices,

Payroll accounting- Features

  • Client accessible portal that provides comprehendible reports
  • Email payment notifications for employees
  • Email reminders that tell you when it’s time to process payroll
  • Real-time preview that ensures the results are accurate before you approve payroll
  • Guaranteed accurate federal, state, local and voluntary withholding calculations
  • Detailed, comprehensible payroll reports with departmental breakdowns
  • Fully automated time clock and attendance systems support
  • Calculation and production of pre-signed and enveloped checks
  • Direct Deposits
  • Online payroll entry
  • State and federal quarterly and year-end returns and reports — processing and
  • filing
  • W-2 Processing and Distribution
Sales Tax Monthly submission

We will need the following information to set up the repayment account with States

  • Sales Tax
  • Sales Account ID Number
  • FID Number or Social Security Number
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account Information

Daily Finance Report for month taxes due. This is always 30 days lag – e.g. June taxes are not due until July 30. We can fill in form on-line anytime before taxes due and date check payment on day due.

State and Federal Tax

Every Q Jan, Apr, July, Oct will need the quarterly wages and hours from the payroll company to fill this report in.

Accounts Reconciliation (banking)

Monthly bank statements.
Scanned copy of Deposit Slips, Cancelled Checks.
Scanned copy of Credit Card statements .

Invoice Generation

Scanned copy of Billing Information. Including details of Sales Tax, Freight & Shipping charges to generate sales Invoice.