Aranis take complete control of your accounts payable function and reduce your costs, speed month end close and ultimately increase your bottom line. Aranis fully integrated solution allows customers to outsource all or part of their accounts payable business functions.

Why you outsource AP? The competitive advantage.

How you will be benefited if you outsource AP? This is one of the questions which may arise when we think about outsourcing. The answer is very clear. The following points support the claim.

1) Cost savings: 40% - 50% annual A/P processing cost savings without additional capital investment

2) Centralization: Greater, centralized control over payables across the enterprise, irrespective of physical location.

3) Real Time Tracking: Tracking and reporting of all payables from the time they are received from the vendor through disbursement, for client employees and their vendors.

4) Vendor relations: Reporting of A/P matching exceptions by vendor and exception type for improved procurement and vendor relations.

5) Focus on core Business: Helps to focus on strategic, pertinent finance issues instead of non-value added activities such as A/P.

AP Work Flow:
  • Receipt of Scanned Invoices and AP related documents from client by Aranis
  • Indexing the document as per document type by viewing the system
  • AP entry by viewing the image.
  • Quality Control & Exception Management.
  • Approval by the client
  • Authorization for Payment or otherwise by client