Aranis offers an end-to-end solution designed to transform the operation of your Accounts Receivable process. From the available data through the posting of cash received, lets customers concentrate on their core business, secure in the knowledge that the Accounts Receivable process is professionally, accurately and securely performed. Accounts Receivable function is vitally important to the cash flow of a business, and it does require an investment of time, talent, and resources in order for it to be effective. For some firms, a fully staffed in-house department is absolutely necessary. However, for a growing number of companies, outsourcing has become a valuable alternative.

Is your company facing cash flow problems? Do your clients pay you in time? Is your account receivable department is efficient or does it cost much for your company to maintain an accounts receivable department? If so outsourcing is the only way to over come all these difficulties. Having an account receivables outsourcing company take over your receivables will mean less waiting time for cash for your business, and more time spent on building and growing your company to its full potential.

Why you outsource AR? The competitive advantage.

How you will be benefited if you outsource AR? This is one of the questions which may arise when we think about outsourcing. The answer is very clear, well look at the following points.

Like the many companies that have taken advantage of account receivables outsourcing, your company can also benefit from the numerous advantages that it offers. First of all, when you turn over your account receivables to an outsourcing company, you eliminate the need for your company to have an account receivables department within your own doors. By freeing up the space and money it takes to operate an account receivables department, you can invest that time, space and money into bettering other departments in your company. In addition account receivables outsourcing is a great benefit to new companies that don't have adequate financing through a bank line of credit or other means. By selling your account receivables to an outsourcing company like us, you can have access to immediate cash, and that is vital to the growth and well being of any business. Waiting for your business's invoices to be paid can mean waiting on money for 30-90 days; money that is required to pay employees, order supplies and invest in company growth. AP Outsourcing can be done for a nominal fee, or on a flat rate and other times a percentage of the invoices, in return for access to immediate cash.

AR Work Flow:
  • Receipt of Scanned billing information from the client and making AR entry by viewing the image.
  • Quality Control and billing report to client.
  • Approval or otherwise by client.
  • Printing of sales invoice.
  • Cash application to appropriate invoice.
  • Quality Control and report to client.